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Desak Putu Suniami

Desak Putu Suniami

Just simply word share all about batu cantik cv blog

Batu Cantik Cv. the biggest one shopping online facility with cheap wholesale in pricing for jewelry handmade , handbag organic, woman accessories and many other product from Bali Indonesia.

bcbali very happy to share all the activities positif whether they are business or non business, we have to do many things to participate in every event, including event promotion and exhibition

we have a lot to do in each event in the invention in bali indonesia jakarta and event to the entire archipelago in indonesia,

all activities we will share in this blog to be know by all partiesĀ  presence and our reputation in the business since 2000

in almost all events in which an invention exhibition in Jakarta and Bali have been followed with very good results. already very known in all the products in indonesia Handbag and jewelry. and now we try to develop this market with online shopping facilities.

bcbali blog most important to share everything about all of activities in their business. we do for the best of business service

retail shop activities, wholesale shop activities, production activities, exhibition activities, sosial event activities. event world exhibition exhibitior event world exhibition exhibitior are created by Batu Cantik CV co.Ltd has Verified by Indonesia Government Ministry of Trade NAVED

Tax Number 2.017.693.9-901

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Jewelry Pearl Shell necklaces bcbali Collection

Jewelry Pearl Shell necklaces bcbali Collection

Verified by Ministry of Trade Indonesia NAVED Verified company by Ministry of trade Indonesia made in Indonesia

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